The Gaycation Episode Five- Two in the Corner Pocket – Abraham Shehell x Alfonso Osnaya x Zed Sheng

We told you that a threeway this hot might need more than one scene! There are still two big muscular Latin guys that haven’t splattered their sperm, and we’re about to watch that. Zed shot his wad but still has a thirsty ass that needs filling, and he climbs on Abraham to ride his long straight pinga. Zed turns in every direction to feel that deeeep probing from Alfonso and Abraham, but he’s up for even more.

While he grinds on Abraham, Alfonso licks his tightly packed butthole, spits on Abraham’s tool to make the ride even slicker, then crouches behind to make it a double penetration. Zed howls in satisfaction and surprise as both Latinos pound in harder. Dicks pressed together inside of Zed, it will be a tough trick to hold back from squirting all over each other’s cocks and deep into Zed.

Alfonso’s first to pull out and slather Zed’s crack in a creamy icing. Abraham pushes his buddy’s load into Zed. He pulls out and geysers his cum all over Zeds twitching anus, then pumps back inside to ride that cum-lubed ass. With two loads dripping out, Zed gets a tonguebath to lick it all up and the spent threesome share cummy kisses.

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