Manga Men Explosion 2 – The Hero WIthin Reach – Reach x Ryuji

These horny Asian rawfuckers are at it again, ready to explode on and offscreen once more. This time Ryuji is wrestling body beautiful Japan stud Reach in an erotic bout that’s equal parts Lucha Libre and Mighty Morphin’ superheroes. Once he’s got his man down on the mat, he opens the spandex mask to kiss Reach and probe a wet finger across his tongue. His hands travel down to the muscleman’s nips and keep tsearching for more horny spots to grope.

Ryuji rips open his stretchy tights and unleashes his hairy, stiff tool. Reach goes in for a musky swallow, just barely avoiding his gag reflex. Ryuji grabs a hank of Reach’s close-cropped hair to pull his head further down the shaft. Reach’s shorts unzip in the back to show the tanline and thick muscled ass. Ryuji can’t resist fingering his buddy’s hungry hole.

His slick hard dick slides in all the way, as he grabs Reach’s leg to get a deeper thrust inside. Both fuck-starved studs strip down and bump their gonads in a rough man-to-man screw. Reach’s moans blend together into a continual howl of pleasure. He climbs on to ride Ryuji’s tuff and steady stiffy. Reach’c hand grips his cock and starts a final frenzied stroking. Bouncing on Ryuji’s raw cock, he spurts a thick creamy splatter onto the hard-bangin top, who feeds him a handful of his own molten manjuice.

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