PeterFever – The Devil Made Me Do It Ep1 – The Bachelor Party – Nolan Knox and Jessie Lee

It’s a tale old as time, how a sex-drenched bachelor party can steer an upcoming wedding into the ditch. Especially when it’s a gay wedding and infernal temptation is involved. Nolan Knox is celebrating the night before the big event with his best man Alfonso Osnaya when the surprise entertainment, a hot muscular Asian stripper with a suspiciously realistic devil mask (Jessie Lee) arrives to deliver the prospective groom TO evil.

The Devil boy grinds his crotch into Nolan’s face, and in no time at all he’s naked and riding Nolan’s probing tongue. The hot devil reaches down to stroke Nolan’s rock-hard cock and gets on his knees to give him a juicy blowjob. Nolan wants more, and peels off his tank top and jersey sweats. “Stepping up the naughtiness,” the stripper offers his raw muscular ass for Nolan to plow. Bracing with one hand on the sofa armrest he leans back to pull the bridegroom into a kiss. Nolan tackles him down onto the sofa and rams his bare cock in hard. The two horned-up studs splatter their sperm together across the devil boy’s tight-muscled abs. “Go back to Hell, I’m getting married tomorrow,” Nolan remarks in jest.

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