JapanBoyz – Ruito Gets Kenchi’s Ass

Two hot Japanboyz around the same age, but with far different personal styles. Kenchi is an edgy alternative guy, ready for any kinky action that comes his way. Ruito is a solid guy who sticks to the middle of the road. But attraction is a funny thing, and you never know who might strike the hottest sparks. On the bed, Kenchi’s in his ‘HYPER’ briefs and Ruito’s in blue camo as they start with kisses and nipple licks. Ruito strips his new buddy down and nuzzles his smooth tan dick, running a tongue down to the tightly packed nutsack. He drools a gob of spit on it to make things slick and juicy.

Kenchi wants in on the oral action and takes Ruito down to the stubbly pubes. He crouches on elbows and knees while Ruito slides in a pair of fingers. Slipping on a condom, he glides in easily and begins pumping. He rises up onto his feet and drills in harder, creamy lube dripping down Kenchi’s smooth crack. Kenchi climbs on for a deep pole ride, grinding his ass onto Ruito’s stiff rod. He braces with one hand on the bed and groans. He’s ready to get off. The two Asian studs lie next to each other with Ruito popping his load first. When Kenchi squirts his big splatter, Ruito leans in for a tender kiss.

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