PeterFever – Seaside Story – Higaken and Yukiya

In this naughty and nautical encounter from PeterFever East, Higaken and his new friend Yukiya take a break from staring at the ocean waves to check out Higaken’s luxe hotel room. When Higaken confesses he’s in relationship trouble, Yukiya is there to offer a helping hand, mouth, or butt. The two hot Japanese guys kiss and head inside to the shower.

Higaken’s mouth tickles Yukiya’s sensitive nipple, and he returns the favor with a steamy wet blowjob. Higaken runs his long thick tongue along Yukiya’s shaft to the rosy tip. In the bedroom, the Asian studs rub their cocks together. Higaken spreads open Yukiya’s firm booty and laps at the twitching pucker as he strokes his buddy’s cock. A slick finger probes the hot juicy hole as Yukiya moans his approval. Higaken rolls on a condom and plows in. Yukiya’s head rols from side to side in ecstasy as he reaches down to beat his meat. Bracing one hand on the bed, Yukiya climbs on to ride Higaken’s stiff tool. When it gets too hot to handle, Higaken stands at Yukiya’s hungry mouth, jerks his load into his buddy’s happy face as they spurt their sperm in perfect unison.

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