JapanBoyz – Work Those Erotic Muscles! – Akira & Tomoki

Akira and Tomoki are on the bed alternating sets of situps and back exercises. They have a fun camaraderie, sptting each other between their own sets. Tomoki is bubbly and charming, and Akira is a bit shy. But the more they share their exercise routine, the more these two Asian guys are bonding. The look Akira gives Tomoki’s butt as he’s holding down his legs for back extensions, you can tell there’s chemistry that will lead to something hotter.

Sure enough, Akira makes the first move. Nibbling Tomoki’s tight little nips, he reaches down and fondles the swelling bulge in his buddy’s undies. It looks so good he has to lean down and run his lips and tongue across that tightly packed crotch. Tomoki does the same, weighing Akira’s big cock in his hand as he gets ready for the next step. Pulling it out of Akira’s jock, he aims that big dick straight down his throat and swallows. Akira pulls off Tomoki’s yellow jock and slurps down his stiff tool. They hold each other close and feast on each other’s dicks in a sensuous 69. Akira spits on his hand and presses a finger into Tomoki’s sensitive hole. Slathering in some lube, he gets it ready for a hard fuck. Akira lies down with his rod pointed straight up as Tomoki eases his ass onto it. As he squats just inches above Akira, his buddy starts thrusting up into his cock hungry hole. On all fours, he takes him balls deep and starts beating his own cock. As they slam their bodies together, Tomoki can’t hold back and shoots his sticky wad. Just seeing his handsome friend covered in splattered spooge makes Akira cum, spraying his creamy sperm onto Tomoki’s tight abs.

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