PeterFever – No Sleep At Hotel In And Out Three’s Cumpany – Shen Kaito x Hans Raw x Zario Travezz

With Hans beating his spurting cock and Shen’s eyebrows dripping fresh hot cum, Zario comes back in to catch that pretty sight. “Whoa!” he blurts, “Fuck that vacuum cleaner…” Naked on the bed, this late night hookup turns into a full-fledged group sex party. Shen and Hans take Zario’s nuts and big swollen cock into their mouths. Zario piles the horny Asian boys up and rims both asses. Their holes primed and ready from the double headed dildo fuck, they are hankering for a real cock, and Zario’s just the one to fuck two horny Asians. Shen gets it first as he lies face down on the bed, with Hans grinding his own hungry ass back into Zario’s tight muscled abs.

Then Hans gets his own hole crammed and rammed by Zario’s big brown cock. The two boys crouch next to each other on the bed, giving Zario TWO hot wet holes to plow to his heart’s content. Once he’s given each of them a proper reaming, it’s time for creaming. Zario pulls out and covers Hans’ face with a sticky splatter that Hans and Shen snowball from mouth to mouth. When Zario and Hans dash off, Shen shrugs happily. At least now he’ll get that long-awaited sleep!

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