JapanBoyz – Gyaranomi Boyz – Uzin x Zen

When Zen calls outcall escort service Gyaranomi Boyz for a hotel call, he has a very specific model in mind, sweet and passionate Uzin. They exchange a few pleasantries and start kissing. Then things get very passionate in a way few outcalls ever manage. Zen and Uzin rub their hot lean bodies together and slowly strip off each others’ clothes. Zen gets a hungry mouth around Uzin’s cock, then Uzin returns the favor with a slow, gentle, deep blowjob.

Zen burrows a wet finger into Uzin’s butt and begins fingering, to Uzin’s panting satisfaction. He kneels with Uzin’s ankles wrapped around his waist and slides his bareback cock deep inside. Every thrust is met with deep, soft moans, and the two barely keep their lips apart for a minute. Things heat up with Uzin drilling in from behind, pumping like he’s been waiting for this moment a long time. When he can’t hold back a minute longer and splashes a big creamy load onto Uzin’s lean belly, the escort beams in an angelic smile. Are we sure this is just an outcall hookup? These boyz CONNECT!

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