JapanBoyz – Hideaki’s Hong Kong Visitor – Yuto and Hideaki

Yuto has shot for Japanboyz in the past, now he’s back in Tokyo and meeting up with Hideaki. They’re both in savage mode, decked in camo and animal print underwear, so we’re not surprised that they dispense with the niceties and just get down to making out. Yuto reaches a hand over to massage Hideaki’s cock and twiddle his nip while they swap tongues.

When they pull off their t-shirts and climb onto the bed, Yuto is first to pull down Hideaki’s shorts and get his hungry mouth around that thick cock. He swallows it down until his face is buried in Hide’s black downy pubes. Hideaki climbs on top and grinds his crotch into Yuto’s, then leans back to drill a finger into his buddy’s hot hungry ass. Yuto’s legs shoot up and wrap around Hideaki and it’s time to stick more than a finger in.

Wrapped tight around each other, Hideaki fucks Yuto close and connected. As Yuto rolls over to ride cock, Hide starts plowing straight up into his smooth tight ass. The intense sensation is pushing Yuto to the edge so Hideaki pulls out while he spurts out a big puddle of cum. Hideaki rolls onto his back and starts milking a load out of his own cock, with the help of Yuto’s hot wet mouth. Hide pulls him up close to kiss deeply as he pounds out the last few strokes. His head jerks back just as a fountain of cum starts spraying Yuto, the bed and his smooth tan chest.

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