COAT – Hello! 玖生 – COAT1642

I just graduated from high school !! Innocent Imadoki university student “Kuryu, 18 years old” debuted with Hatsuratsu !!

An innocent smile with a yancha, a fair-skinned smooth body, a sensitive dick that erects while being dug …

Challenge the rich Karami with big cock boy Seiya, ROOKIE Yuu, adult model PRISONER Sodai !!
Also includes home masturbation and the launch after shooting!

Kuryu, a cute straight boy full of freshness, boldly challenges eroticism in all 5 parts !!

1. Big cock boy Seiya and the competition bread flirting bath time & first digging !!
Rubbing the pickpocket muscle BODY in the bathroom! Close contact washing & sweet belokis!
Blow the beautiful big cock of Seiya that sticks out of the competition bread !!
Kuryu crawls on all fours on the bed! Ubu Anal who gets sick with milking blowjob & ass licking from Seiya!
69, “Seriously big …” I put up with Seiya’s big cock and desperately fellatio!
“I can’t stand it anymore …” Seiya’s beautiful big cock enters Kuryu’s Ubu Anal … Kuryu who is dug for the first time and leaks an erotic voice with pleasure !!
Seiya playing with Kuryu’s erection dick that swells and warps! “I want to go …” Kuryu raises a sad voice and is dug up !! Furthermore, even the first facial cumshot & cleaning blowjob !!

2. First Tachi at the gymnasium !! Yuu and training camp short story!
Two people in the same room at the hotel at the training camp. Yuu, who won the rock-paper-scissors, fell asleep while receiving Kuryu’s massage …
Kuryu who gets erected by being struck by a sleepy Yuu! Nipple blame each other with momentum, Deep Throating, 69 !!
Kuryu who is interested in inserting into the ass hole, hesitates, but loses to rock-paper-scissors and accepts Kuryu’s dick that keeps erecting …
“You feel good too …?” Kuryu’s intense S piston! Yuu’s hard chin is also blamed at the same time !!
“It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …”

3. Show off masturbation at home!
Kuryu takes a selfie of masturbation at home!
A fierce handjob that makes your biceps and abdominal muscles stiff!
Breathing that gets rougher and rougher! Anal in full view !!
While distorting the face in the bathroom, sprinkle it toward the bathtub and ejaculate !!
Don’t miss the last lovely comment!

4. Gakuran x Suit Teacher! Gun digging with Sodai and naughty test study !!
A teacher, Sodai, teaches metamorphosis practical skills to Kuryu who is studying for a health test!
Kuryu’s hard dick that has already reacted with a kiss & nipple torture!
After receiving a lecture by Kuryu Matsuki, Kuryu also blames nipples, blows, licks balls, licks ass … Practice one by one!
“Teacher, do you feel comfortable being licked in such a place …?”
“Then I’ll tell you …” A finger and a teacher’s dick go into Kuryu’s anal …
Kuryu struggles to pant when he is violently stabbed from the back by the teacher Dick of Sodai !!
Kuryu’s dick that changed his position and became ticked was stopped and dug up !!
“It’s not over yet.” Sodai, facial cumshot on Kuryu! Cleaning fellatio !!

5. Launch with Kuryu who finished shooting!
Enjoy the first Samgyeopsal to the fullest!
Dig deep into Kuryu’s private life in an interview!
There is also a service to “Ah ♪” to the staff !!
OFF SHOT where you can get a glimpse of Kuryu’s innocent and cute face!

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