Men’s RushTV – MR-KR1744 – MINATO & YUKIYA

MINATO and YUKIYA, two macho models raw SEX! Although she wears a singlet, her nipples are not hidden, her crotch is mokkori, and her glans pops out. YUKIYA who pulls out Ji ○ and is blown by MINATO and raises a pleasant voice!

MINATO who loves a man’s blowjob also demands “Lick me too” and is sucked! Furthermore, when wetting the crotch that has become stiff with lotion, the two people rub against each other in the crotch part! Apply lotion to your body and back and rub the macho bodies against each other! MINATO who licks YUKIYA’s anal on all fours, solves it with her fingers, and thrusts it in the back as it is!

Poke from behind her, shake her hips on YUKIYA lying prone on her bed, or poke in the upper ranks! And this time, YUKIYA is in a woman on top posture with MINATO’s raw cheeks lying on her back! While moving his hips on MINATO, he handles Ji-ko, digs a large amount of fire as it is, reinserts it with a lively ♂ back, and also fires MINATO with a spurt!

YUKIYA’s body (some jump over to the floor) is covered with semen by ejaculation with perfect amount, distance and momentum! [Men’s Rush] * There is no line of sight or face mosaic in the main story.

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