Trance – TO-SN012

You gotta give it to the perverted TO-SN012 pornographers in Japan. With heavy censorship and a complete lack of gay male porn stars, they often use ordinary models and many of them are (apparently) straight.

They are also good at what I call prank porn, in which (again, apparently) straight guys are tracked into having gay sex. Some are definitely staged, like those of getting straight guys drunk and then fucking them bareback.

Another type is to first introduce a female co-star with the guy, or even let them play a bit, then ask the straight guy to be blindfolded, then another guy will get in position to get fucked by the straight guy while the girl TO-SN012 pretends to moan. This one it seems the guy really didn’t know better. Hard to tell.

I know similar “pranks” have been done with Baitbus, but we know they are all staged. Knowing the prank culture of Japan, this one seems real.

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