Tokyo Love Stories, Episode Four – Zen & Rio

Zen and Rio are not the most obviously compatible couple, with Zen a dirty blond, shaggy trendsetter, and Rio a hairy, musclebound cub. But a year after they met at a popular Tokyo gay club, theyre still devoted and “lovey-dovey”. Lying on the bed together, they’re happy to show off the hot sexual hijinks that keep them horny. Zen knows just how to lick and tweak Rio’s hotwired nipples, provoking his stud to twitches and moans of pleasure.

He sucks Rio’s stiff woody through the mesh of his lime-green jock, then pulls it out to get it wet and sensitive. He plays with the precum-slick head of Rio’s cock, then kneels between his knees and rams his raw cock in to the hilt. Also just the way Rio likes it. The horned-up muscleboy beats his cock and climbs on to ride Zen’s long lovepole.

Zen’s so horny that when he grab’s Rio’s thick butt and pummels in fast, we know he’s too close to stop. His thick load drenches the downy hair of Rio’s treasure trail. But he scoops up enough cum for the hot couple to lick up and share.

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