PeterFever – Tyler Wu and Des Irez Meet and Mate

On a bright California afternoon, Des Irez and new Asian sensation Tyler Wu spot each other romping in the surf and head to Tyler’s beachside pad. They smooch on the terrace, towel off and tackle each other on the bed. Powerfully turned on, Tyler runs his hands over Des’ smooth defined muscles. He lifts his legs and wraps them around Des’ lean torso.

Des kneels for a juicy blowjob. His big cock is a challenge for Tyler, but he manages to take it all down his thirsty throat. Des is laser-focused on figure skater Tyler’s muscled bubble butt, flicking his tongue across Tyler’s tight pucker. When Tyler rises to hands and knees, Des plows in bareback and thrusts in to the fuzzy root. The athletic Asian pumps his ass back into every stroke. He grips the pillow dreamily as Des speeds up.

Their breath in perfect sync, the two studs heat things up to the boiling point. Des rams in faster, ready to blow. “Oh FUCK I’m gonna cum,” Des warns, with Tyler Wu ready for that juicy shot. He squirts his load deep into Tyler, pulls out and lets the last dribbles glaze Tyler’s hole. Beachside hookup complete, they lock together in one more kiss.

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