PeterFever – Kouyas Cumquest – Ruito Plows In – Kouya & Ruito

Asian golden boy and PF East superstar Kouya gets the plum assignments when it comes to model hookups. This week he’s paired with handsome Ruito, a new guy that Kouya can ease into the hectic world of porn. He rests his tight slim body on Ruito’s and starts with some nip nibbling. Ruito’s so turned on he’s moaning already and Kouya hasn’t even gotten to the good stuff. But in a moment he’s nestled between Ruito’s long leg with his buddy’s long straight cock in his mouth. Ruito returns the hot juicy favor with his mouth around Kouya’s knob, slurping the top few inches.

These two heat up the sheets with a sensuous 69, then Ruito slicks on some lube into Kouya’s sweet ass crack. A probing finger gets Kouya to groan and giggle with delight. He rolls on a condom and slides deep into the handsome blond’s hole. Kouya’s ass relaxes and welcomes in Ruito’s big cock. One arm wrapped around Kouya’s slim chest, Ruito thrusts in fast and hard. They roll onto Ruito’s back and he pumps straight up into Kouya’s hungry butt beating his dick in a friendly reacharound. Kouya shows Ruito what he really likes, climbing on and riding cock. Then face to face, bodies knit tightly in an intimate missionary stance. Kouya can’t take much more of this deep penetration and longs to shoot his wad. Ruito reaches forward and beats him off as he speeds up. The load wells up in Kouya’s nuts and soon splatters out a hot sticky one. He cuddles next to Ruito as the tall stud squirts his sperm onto his tight golden abs.

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