Peter Fever – Hiroshi – Up Close and Personal

From PeterFever East comes this tasty glimpse into the private moments when hot Asian stud Hiroshi has nothing on his mind but pleasuring himself. Caressing his muscular chest gets his pelvis into gear, pumping his crotch in time with each brush of a hand. He reaches into his sparkling white briefs and pulls out a thick mushroom-headed dick and heavy pair of nuts. Hiroshi ditches the undies, lies on the couch in his natural naked state, then turns to slide a lubed-up finger into his hairy butthole.

When he lies back down, Hiroshi’s legs pop up while he pets and pats his ass. His breathing is slow and deep as he circles a finger around the pucker of his ass. Ankles high and spread wide, he twiddles his nips dreamily. His nuts pull up tight and into firing position. Lying back with feet raised on the back of the couch, hot Hiroshi milks out a juicy squirt that leaves him bathed in sperm from pubes to the top of his muscular chest.

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