Men’s RushTV – MR-KR676 – HARUTO 18 – REN 19

After debut, the smash hit Shonan Bishounen HARUTO is finally back! The other party is also teenage REN! HARUTO’s freshness, which makes 19-year-old REN even say “Young”, is finally popping up this time! REN, who has completely learned Tachi, is a senior for a year, so the lead is perfect. In addition to that, HARUTO gradually became a serious mode …! ?? And finally, 19-year-old REN is inserted into 18-year-old HARUTO ♂ ♂ ♂… After that, enjoy watching ^ ^ For jani lovers & young college users, staff special oshi raw Karami! What’s more, the highlight of this time is that both of them are splashing! !! Which is more, HARUTO sperm or REN sperm? ?? Your judge is waiting ^^

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