Men’s RushTV – GL-175

A refreshing 19-year-old college GL-175 student with a cute smile has arrived! !! Always smile when interviewing! !! The staff fell in love with this lovely smile at first sight … As you gradually take off your clothes, it’s different from your face and it’s mushy! !! !!

It has pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, biceps brachii and muscles, and is a big favorite for gay men! !! The body draws a beautiful inverted triangle and the skin is smooth and erotic! !! Love at first sight for its physical beauty! I want to lick it quickly, but I have to put up with it. !! Embarrassment MAX at the request from the staff to take off the last pair of pants. .. .. The embarrassing part is also cute and irresistible! !! !!

When I licked the cute nipple immediately, I GL-175 showed a smile like a bitter smile whether it was nervous or embarrassing at first, but as I licked it, it seems that the nipple actually feels, the expression begins to be fascinated and it seems to be comfortable ♪ In a blink of an eye In the pants, the penis becomes stiff and the body is honestly www When you take off the pants, a cute penis shows a face again with an embarrassing expression, and the penis is ticking and immovable upright! !! !!

The expression is even more fascinating when you hold a beautiful skin-colored dick that is not used like a nipple ♪ The momentum that seems to be fired even now www voice leaks out so cute, so if you make it M-shaped and lick the anal, This is also very sensitive! !! I made a whispering voice like “Ah … n” and the patience juice from the tip of the glans … , Cutely say “I’m so excited, I’m so excited” and shoot it on my stomach ♂ You can’t miss the voice and facial expression when you’re excited! !! !! There is no doubt that it will come out! !! Please take a look.

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