Men’s Rush.TV – MR-KR1624 – YUKIYA

Prickets Boy and YUKIYA are entwined in a competitive bread. Prickets Boy who is blown by YUKIYA enjoys the pleasure of a man’s blow while holding his head as usual! And a pricket boy who sucks YUKIYA’s cheeks while uttering a voice saying “It’s getting bigger”.

When you pile up your body in sixty nine style, Prickets Boy sucks Ji ○, YUKIYA licks anal and puts her finger. YUKIYA blames the Prickets Boy with a powerful hip thrust of a trained macho body when she fucks with her back. While changing her position, digging up the Prickets Boy with an erotic hip thrust, while digging again at her missionary position, apply lotion to her own anal and request a replacement saying “Put it in me too”! This time, when the Prickets Boy gets fucked in the upper ranks, he handles it himself while being dug, and YUKIYA finishes first!

The Prickets Boy keeps shaking her hips as it is and ends up in YUKIYA while yelling “Oh! A large amount of semen that has been vaginal cum shot overflows from the anal that pulled out her cock.

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