Mega Hunk Channel Original – GV-OAV821

I’m a delivery macho who delivers GV-OAV821 assholes on request! I’m always riding my bicycle around the city. I’m always riding my bike around town, and if I get a request on my cell phone, I’m on my way! This time, I’ll be delivering assholes to the homes of macho regulars! Hello, this is Yeats. I’m here to deliver it.

The regulars said, “Thank you. You haven’t showered, have you? You haven’t showered, have you? You can leave your stinky body on the couch,” said the pervert with a slight smell fetish. I smiled and sat down. He buried his face in my crotch and took a deep breath, asking if he could smell my crotch first.

He takes off my clothes and smells them while saying, “Mmmm, that’s nice! And then he took his erect cock in my mouth and started to play with my nipples! I’m going to be eaten!!!!!

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