KO – Tokyo Boys – 誘惑囁き隠語NTR – TKB15

“I can definitely do something that feels TKB15 better than that boyfriend. I wish I could break up early.”

XX-kun, it’s okay because I’ll never wake up when I sleep. It’s out now. If you don’t like it, you won’t get an erection like this, right? The cock is honest, isn’t it? Actually, I’ve always been interested. It’s a waste to have such a boyfriend. You’re really excited to poke so much next to XX-kun’s sleeping, right?
What would you look like if you woke up now? If I had such a pleasant sex, I wouldn’t be able to return to my boyfriend anymore. Even though my boyfriend is right next to me, I’m whispering whispering … The devil’s whisper that destroys my reason

STORY01 My boyfriend’s friend, Yo-kun, always tempts me … “But, what’s so good about that boyfriend?” My crushed boyfriend is sleeping right next to me … “Do you still like your boyfriend?”

STORY02 A colleague of the company brought by her boyfriend, Splash-kun “XX-kun, you’re serious at work, but what about sex? You’re getting tired of it, right?”
My cock reacting to a provocative whisper.

STORY03 “I missed the last train, it’s as planned.” Whispering to me, it didn’t work. “XX, it’s okay because it doesn’t happen easily. Poke deeper with this cock …”

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