JapanBoyz – Yusaku & Tomoki – Ceremony of Lust

Yusaku and new Japanboy Tomoki are sitting in proper starched ceremonial outfits. They face each other with hands on their thighs, then move closer and begin kissing. When these Asian studs stand and drop their robes, they peel off their patterned undies and get to work on the real action. Tomoki pulls on Yusaku’s big pierced horse dick and takes it down his throat. Covering the cock with little feathery kisses, he pays tribute to Yusaku’s edgy manhood. Tatted hipster Yusaku gets on his knees, slowly tongues and swallows Tomoki’s tool. Bracing himself with one hand on Tomoki’s chest, he slowly, gently feels the dick swelling in his hungry mouth.

Tomoki kneels behind bent-over Yusaku and licks his ass. Once it’s wet with saliva he fingers it just enough to lube the hole, then stands and plows in. Yusaku is perched on a chair, holding the back while Tomoki grabs his hips and pumps his cock in to the fuzzy root. Tomoki’s heavy nuts slap into Yusaku’s slippery crack. Both Japanese guys breathe softly and don’t say a word between pants. Yusaku plants a foot on either side of Tomoki and bears his hole down on his buddy’s big tool. Using his powerful leg muscles, he stands and squats to feel the hot thrill of Tomoki’s piece sliding in deep. Tomoki pulls Yusaku’s legs up onto his shoulders, drills into his hot cockhungry asshole. Yusaku begins beating his cock in unison with the strokes of Tomoki’s fuck rhythm. He hangs his head over the edge of the bed as Tomoki fucks into his wide open mouth. Lying in opposite directions with a leg intertwined with each arm, the two handsome fuckers milk creamy wads out onto tight trim abs. Yusaku helps out the new boy with a nibbling mouth on his nipples, as Tomoki squirts out his happy ending.

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