JapanBoyz – Yugi Gets Acquainted With Fujis Ass

We have missed Fuji and glad he is back and so is Yugi. He told the director that he’s wanted to do a movie with Fuji since he saw him on the site. Just goes to prove that fantasies can come true.

The two of them start out exchanging blowjobs and then Yugi wants to taste that sweet ass. We probably could have done a 15 minute video of just Yugi eating Fuji’s buttocks:-RRB- Lol

Fuji is ready for a bit more than a tongue now and catches the lube while Yugi slips on a condom. They start missionary style Fuji takes his cock for a spin and then Yugi flips over on his back out. When they are both close to unloading their sperm tanks, they lay side some creamy loads.

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