JapanBoyz – Totally Tomohisa II – Tomohisa and Takumi

Sexy lean Tomohisa is a model who adapts well to his partner. Here we see him first being sweet and boyish in his romantic scene with Takumi. The two boys fumble and caress each other like sex-driven college boys reaching across to stroke each other while they plant little kisses on each others’ lips. Takumi moves down to get his mouth around Tomo’s long cock. When he returns the favor, Tomo indulges in some fancy tongue flicking across Takumi’s dickhead then gently nibbles at his well-packed ballsack. When Takumi lies back and spreads his thighs, Tomo glides in a lubed finger then follows with a slick blue toy. He moves his own ass in to take the other end while the pairkiss their buttholes together and jerk their cocks. Twin cumshots come rocketing out of their well-matched pricks.

Scene two pairs Tomo with sandy blond-haired Keiji, who starts right out with a more aggressive approach and slurps his cock down immediately. They move into a hot 69 and chow down on each others’ straining hardons. Keiji props up Tomo’s hips and burrows in with a probing tongue as he milks his hard prick. When he kneels between Tomohisa’s legs, they’re up and apart in no time. Keiji plows in and strokes Tomo off with his free hand. Tomo wants to cum with cock in his hole and climbs on top to feel it drilling straight up into his hot booty. He sprays a splatter of sticky juice than overflows Keiji’s beating fist and runs down onto his lean tight abs.

In the third part Tomo is on his own and enjoying a private moment with his cock. He revels in the warm spray of the spa shower, then lies on the chair stroking. As he yanks up the smooth skin of his prick, his butt puckers in agreement. He speeds up and watches his nuts tighten. As he tilts his head back to catch a breath, it erupts in a creamy drizzle that runs down from his pubes and coats his tired but happy hand.

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