JapanBoyz – Splish Splash Bukakke Style – Fuji & Kaoru & Higaken & Hiroya and Teppei

The studly Asian men of Japanboyz are organizing a swim team, and to get in top condition for their meet they get together in the gym to work out. Fuji, Kaoru, Higaken, Hiroya and Teppei take their places at the various pieces of gym equipment and start training. Hiroya is doing situps with Fuji while Higaken performs deep knee bends nearby.

Teppei is spotting Kaoru as he does biceps curls. Enough exercise and get to work on those neglected love muscles! They settle to the mats and begin making out. Fuji and Hiroya are groping and nip-licking on one mat while Teppei, Higaken and Kaoru are huddling in a sexy pileup on the other. Kaoru’s in the middle getting attention at both ends from his buddies. Hiroya has his mouth on Fuji’s stiff cock and Kaaoru takes that idea and starts sucking off Higaken and Teppei. Fuji gets on all fours and points his hungry butt towards Hiroya to dive in and finger. He beats his stiffy while his ass is getting prodded. He slurps down Hiroya’s prick and spreads his knees apart for a deep fuck. Hiroya slides in and starts pumping fast and hard.

Kaoru’s again following the leaders, raising his legs high and wide for his buddies Higaken and Teppei to plow his hole. Teppei nails his booty first, and Higaken walks over to Fuji to offer up his cock for a blowjob. Gentlemanly Hiroya lets Higaken take his turn fucking and gets his own cock serviced by Kaoru while Teppei is just behind rolling on a condom. The Tokyo swim studs tangle and mingle in the hottest positions and prove how important teamwork is in and out of the sack!

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