JapanBoyz – Saburo Is Back for More with Hideaki

We can not help but detect Hideaki’s hair “it’s a little eccentric” Hideaki stated but it fits his personality and sense of humor. The manager told Saburo. (haha) Following Saburo’s very first movie with Kazuki and in spite of a few extra pounds, Saburo has been a popular bottom and now we paired him up with Hideaki.

They begin with some kissing and exhibit their oral skills on each other. Hideaki enjoys rimming and he sure did like Saburo’s buttocks. From that point, Hideaki gauges Saburo’s hole with his hands.

First they fuck missionary and Hideaki flips Saburo over and plows his ass from behind. It’s Saburo’s turn to perform the ride and work atop of Hideaki. With both guys prepared to blow their loads they sit back and Saburo will the”useful work” initially. Hideaki ends up blowing the majority of his jissm in the hair adding a protein moisturizer of Saburo. Saburo lays back while Hideaki leaves a pool onto his pubes and sucks on his nipple and also blows up to his chest.

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