JapanBoyz – Ruito Plugs Tomoya

Handsome driver Ruito is new to Japanboyz, tonight set up on a date with Tomoya. He sits politely on the bed till Tomoya crouches next to him with his firm round ass in the air, then just HAS to reach over and yank down his briefs. He rubs some lube into his sweet hot ass crack to Tomoya’s appreciative moans, then slicks up a skinny white buttplug and pops it in. He pulls Tomoya’s briefs back up over the plug and they kiss passionately. Ruito pulls off his sweater–he’s ready for the action to start.

Tomoya wants a taste of Ruito’s long woody, licks it and slurps it down. Ruito follows suit and sucks Tomoya’s knob as he twiddles the plug in his butthole. He eases it out and slides three fingers in. As Tomoya loosens up, he’s ready for Ruito’s cock. Climbing on, Tomoya grinds his ass as Ruito pumps in deep. Rolling to hands and knees, Riuto drills into the cockhungry young Asian stud. Thrusting with all his weight he fucks Tomoya from behind as Tomoya groans with satisfaction. Tomoya pulls his legs up, holds them back with both arms as Ruito slams in harder and faster. They are both ready to blow, and lie next to each other beating their dicks. Ruito splatters his sperm all over his crotch and heavy nuts. Then Tomoya’s thick uncut cock spews a hefty load into his stubbled pubes.

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