JapanBoyz – Kouya x Reach – Kouya’s REACH-Around

Two of the tight, tanned studs around the Japanboyz clubhouse finally get their gonads together, but with an unexpected juicy little surprise. Reach is a hot versatile muscleman all the Japanboyz have been angling to get into their beds, and so far Kouya has been a versatile/bottom “golden boy” with blond bleached hair that gave him a total twink persona. Now he’s sporting a new look. His hair is black, and he’s suddenly got a new manly energy that makes Reach thirsty for that big hard cock.

Once Reach and Kouya hit the showers, they rub their tight defined bodies together in an intro of juicy wet things to come. Dried off and in bed, Kouya takes charge. He goes for Reach’s hot muscle butt and drives in a slick finger to rev up the built stud’s motor. Reach loves the unexpected role turnaround, spreads his legs eagerly for the butched-up twink. Kouya plows his bare cock in with a masculine libido that we rarely get to see from him. When Reach climbs on top and grinds his muscle booty onto the twink’s thick tool, all bets are off. Kouya pumps his ass-rammer in with gusto. His load builds up, and when he beats off in Reach’s face, the big stud is proud to wear the twink’s thick creamy cum splatter as a drippy facial.

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