JapanBoyz – Handsome Hiroya’s Hot Tub Hookup – Asuka

Suave and sexy Hiroya peels down his jock and leads Asuka to the hot tub. By the time the warm jets hit his muscular body, he’s stiff and ready for the young Asian stud to get to work sucking. Asuka strokes his own swollen dick while he gets a wet mouthful of Hiroya in the steamy spa. He pulls up to sit on the edge of the tub and Hiroya returns the favor with a kiss and a lick. Just when Asuka thinks he’s as turned on as he can get, Hiroya stands up and pumps his cock into his dickhungry mouth.

They retire to the bed for some hotter fun. Hiroya humps his dick between Asuka’s outstretched legs, turns his attention to the smooth pucker of Asuka’s butt. Flicking his tongue across, he wets and lubes the hole he’s opened. A wet finger follows and he beats Asuka’s cock with the other hand. When Asuka crouches on all fours with his knees wide apart, Hiroya slides in and starts plowing. He reaches around to stroke Asuka and slams his tool in hard. He lies nest to Asuka, lifts his leg to fuck his twitching butthole from behind. Asuka groans and turns his head to give the hot top a deep kiss. With a few powerful thrusts Hiroya fucks the load out of the sexy young Japanese bottom. With his eye on the hot sticky splatter dotting Asuka’s chest, Hiroya pulls out and spurts his hot cum into his buddy’s stubbled crotch.

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