Introducing Toyosuke – Yusaku & Toyosuke

Toyosuke’s a popular figure on the Tokyo scene, gaining a big following on the fan sites. He’s lean, wavy-haired and handsome, glad to make his first big splash onto one of the hottest Japanboyz models. 100% gay, at the moment Toyosuke has no boyfriend and it’s not his top priority. He likes a bit of rope bondage, but mostly sticks to vanilla sex. And that’s what he’s getting this week, a bit surprisingly from Japanboyz edgiest, kinkiest stud, Yusaku. Yusaku’s got it all, a built lean body, sexy tattoos, a split tongue and a huge cock crowned by a prince Albert ring running through the piss slit. Not the most vanilla guy, but tonight he’s playing good boy for Toysuke.

Sweet introduction kisses heat up as Yusaku travels down to Toyo’s nips and big hard cock. He lubes a finger and lets Toyosuke’s butthole munch on it as an appetizer before the main course. His huge XXL bootysplitter slides in smooth and balls deep. He gives the new boy time to get used to his big tool, then hikes up his legs and pumps in hard. Toyosuke moans in perfect time with Yusaku’s thrusts. Their bodies knit together in a close tight screw, and the temperature rises. Toyo can’t hold back much longer, and lies next to Yusaku stroking. His load oozes out in a juicy stream onto his lean tight belly. With a wicked smile, Yusaku milks his wad out into the downy hairs of his treasure trail. Satisfied and spent, the two new buds wave at us through the watchful Japanboyz camera.

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