Club activities: Volleyball, Birthplace: Hyogo DT028 prefecture, Blood type O, Hobbies: Touring delicious foods, muscle training. He has a chest measurement of 109 cm. 39 cm around his arm. Penis 10 cm in normal times.

16 cm at the time of penis erection. The trained super muscles are super erotic S grade !! Big pectoral muscles with both flexibility and softness, small nipples that are easy to feel and butt arms !!

Sensitive glans erection just by touching from the top of the pants !! The hips that move to the waist and the tight ass are erotic !! Sensitive dicks that are likely to get sick with lotion handjob are stopped many times and shoot dururi and super rich sperm !!

With a terrible tightening on the palpation, suck the dildo hard with the upper mouth while putting your finger in it !! At the end, spit out the anal pearl that was put in with jubojubo !!

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