G-STARS Noboru Hagino Full Set – G-BOT – G-STARS 萩野昇啓

His skin is smooth and clean, his face is fresh, his chest is thick and his abs are cracked. He has a versatile sex style that can handle both the punchline and the punchline, and a charming, friendly character. Such “Nobuhiro Hagino” is the 5th generation G-STAR!

In addition to the two parts where Nobuhiro’s sex is carefully portrayed in both the main character and the supporting character, there’s also a threesome part where he gets dug into and is dug out of, a rewarding masturbation part after naked body weight training, and an off-camera shot part with scenes from a jacket photo shoot and a crank-up interview.

The sophisticated physical eroticism of Nobuhiro Hagino! The erotic potential that he has is fully released!

01] Shoukei’s naked body weight training masturbation Shoukei shows off the stretching and body weight training that he usually does, both in a racing pants version and a naked version! Enjoy her erotic body! Furthermore, it’s the first time it’s been shown to the public! And for the first time ever, we’re going to take the time to show you Nobuhiro’s solo play as a greeting!

02] Seiji and Shoukei – They met by chance at a friend’s party just before the shoot, but they unexpectedly met again on the set! They tell each other what they’ve been secretly wanting to do, and the tension rises! The older Seiji gently leads Shoki around and fucks him hard!

03] The older Seiji leads Shoki gently and fucks him hard! The more S Shoki gets, the more Yuu gets heated up! The more S he gets, the hotter and harder he gets! The more S he gets, the hotter and harder he gets! And he wants to cum!

04] GOGGLE x SHOKEI x GOGGLE Liquor Forest 3P Two goggle men treat the newly joined G-STAR Shokei with their superb techniques! The two men attack Shoki’s sex points, and Shoki goes into a crucible of pleasure!

05] Off-camera shots: Scenes from the shooting of the jacket photo, interviews, and other glimpses of the charming and friendly character of Shoki! After the crank-up interview, Shoukei’s smile overflows when a birthday cake appears as a surprise!

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