CK-Download – EC-00122

Erokore’s “Erotic Daruma” jumps out into the city, calls EC-00122 out to handsome men, and asks them to show their pants. But what I really want to see is. .. ..

The 75th is a 19-year-old college student on his way home. When he asked me to check his fashion, he would be refused if he had to go home and study during the test period, but he said, “If only a little,” it’s OK.

In fact, when I was told that I wanted to check my pants, I was quite surprised and straight-kun who couldn’t show me. To finally show off to the push of Daruma. Erotic Daruma who gradually touches while watching the situation as usual. He touches the dick while sniffing his pants. .. ..

19-year-old who is resisted by everything, but is gradually stripped naked. Daruma desperately resists the sudden blow job attack, saying, “No, no!” In addition, his nipple is attacked and he gets a full erection. After negotiations, he also showed me ejaculation.

It seems that there is considerable resistance to being able to lick anal. .. .. * The video file you purchase does not include a line of sight.

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