Asian Suit Studs – Hiroya x Rio

For some (many) of us, there are few things hotter than buttoned-down beautiful men in proper shirt and tie dropping their pants and following all their filthiest impulses to get off together. Add in some leather cuffs and a black leather blindfold, and the fetishy fun just multiplies. Courtesy of our great Japan crew at PeterFever East, we’ve scored a couple of their hottest scenes of men in office dress letting their libidos run wild!

This week, muscleboy fireplug Rio kneels on the bed in white shirt and tie, with hands cuffed behind him. Then handsome Asian top Hiroya comes along to tease him to the point of a long, delectably intolerable edging session. Rio gets kissed, nips tweaked, and dick and ass played with till he can’t hold back a second longer. Once he’s finally given up and let his nuts spew their juicy splatter, Hiroya fingers and fucks him for his own jollies.

It’s a scorching hot scene made even sexxxier with both guys in proper business dress. Watch out Hiroya, or you’ll have to explain cum stains on the tails of your white shirt when you get back to work!

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